Iridescence Book cover

IRIDESCENCE - Finding your colours and living your story

‘Your life’s journey, your story, has a purpose. It is up to you to make it the best story possible, to be iridescent.’

At 34 years of age, Paul Callaghan could see a very bright future until a personal crisis surrounded him in darkness. From this place of solitude, fear and pain, Paul was able to see that although he was a good person who had done good things in his life, and had good things in his life, there was something missing. He was lost. So began his search for meaning and his search to find himself.

Since that time, he has lived each day with the intent of achieving the best story possible.
This book provides you with models, tools, insights, exercises and reflections to enable you to do the same thing. It also contains 30 specific messages that give concise perspectives on key themes including your life’s journey past, present and future, love, learning and sharing knowledge, leadership, laughter and loss, personal power, anxiety, anger, regret, guilt, ownership and responsibility, success, wellbeing and truth.




If you are:

  • an individual who wants to get more out of your life
  • concerned about a friend or family member who you think may be ‘lost’
  • a university student
  • involved in preserving the natural environment
  • involved in the health or welfare sectors
  • an educator
  • a leader in business, government, a not for profit or community organisation
  • interested in Indigenous cultures
  • interested in spirituality

then this book, iridescence, is guaranteed to be of value to you.



A critical part of Paul’s transformation in mindset and action was accessing traditional Aboriginal wisdom. This knowledge and learning is as meaningful and powerful in today’s world as it ever was. It is now shared with the hope that it will help others to also achieve a life of meaning and wellbeing. The Rainbow Serpent on the cover represents creation, transformation and new life. This path can be yours. You just need to make a start.