About Callaghan Cultural Consultancy

Harvesting opportunities and solving problems can be extremely complex given the many factors that might need to be considered. CCC is able to provide professional, considered, culturally appropriate and business oriented assistance to help your business in a variety of ways.

Whether it is through advisory, coaching, facilitation or tender services or custom designed workshops, CCC has the commitment, experience and capability you need to help you achieve desired outcomes, particularly with relation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Whether you are a:

  • Small and medium sized business enterprise
  • Large corporation
  • Not for profit organisation
  • Community organisation
  • Government agency
  • Local government organisation

CCC can add value to your business.

Callaghan Cultural Consultancy provides a diverse range of services with Aboriginal Culture, cultural contexts, cultural protocols and cultural translation embedded in all aspects of delivery.


Paul Callaghan

Dr Paul Callaghan

CEO/Principal Consultant

Paul is an award winning author and accomplished speaker. He has qualifications in a diverse range of disciplines including surveying, drafting, accounting, economics, training, executive leadership, emotional intelligence, company boards, executive/organisational coaching and a PhD in creative practice. He is also an Aboriginal story teller having spent many years “out bush” listening and learning.

Paul belongs to the land of the Worimi people (pictured on this webpage). He has life experience in many industries including mining, government, education, aquaculture (oyster farming), vocational education, university, social housing, job services, disability services, youth services, Aboriginal culture and heritage and Aboriginal community services.


Rhys Callaghan


Rhys Callaghan

General Manager/Consultant

Rhys has qualifications in social sciences, community services and training and assessment. He has been learning cultural values and practices since he was a young boy, and has spent the majority of his life "out bush" listening and learning from elders. 

Rhys belongs to the land of the Worimi people. He is an experienced researcher and analyst, and and has over a decade of experience working in community services including education, out of home care, community development, mental health, child, youth and family services and Aboriginal community services.