Aboriginal Cultural Capability Assessment

Smart organisations know the importance of cultural capability in providing high quality, responsive, culturally contextualised services to Aboriginal people. But how do you know if your organisation
is culturally capable and how do you know the resources you are committing to improving cultural capability are working?

Callaghan Cultural Consultancy is pleased to advise that after considerable research, testing and refining, it has created an Aboriginal Cultural Capability Assessment Tool (ACCAT) that helps organisations to:

  • Measure their current capability status
  • Make data informed decisions on targeted improvements
  • Monitor the effectiveness of their commitment to improved service
  • Maximise outcomes including reduced costs, increased quality of services, improved staff morale and increased client satisfaction

ACCAT is a simple tool underpinned by complex research and real life experience that informs a 28 question survey completed by staff that is collated into a report that provides:

  • A data breakdown on each of the 28 survey questions
  • A numeric organisational cultural capability assessment including scores in 7 key areas
  • A Risk Heat Map that indicates areas of high risk for the organisation to consider